In-depth analysis by automotive consultants, Qube, estimates that at any one time 40% – 45% of the data stored in franchised automotive dealers’ databases on their customers next MOT dates is incorrect – meaning nearly half of their customers are being sent MOT reminders at the wrong time.


Qube provides business reporting and consultancy to vehicle manufacturers and in turn to their dealers. This finding is based on Qube’s own analysis of dealers’ data versus the correct next MOT dates from the DVLA.


Director Seamus O’Donnell explains the significance of this finding: “The level of inaccuracy found means many dealers are sending customers MOT reminders too late, too far in the future or simply no reminder is sent at all. These inaccuracies, which can be corrected with the right tools, lead to lost revenue and jeopardise customer loyalty, in addition to wasted costs from producing and sending MOT reminder marketing. “


“Customer retention is essential for vehicle manufacturers and their dealers, and something as simple as a customer taking their MOT elsewhere can cost more than the lost MOT income; it can also represent a lost opportunity to discuss servicing, warranty renewals or service plans, not to mention genuine parts’ sales from any repairs needed following the MOT. Also, receiving an MOT reminder at the wrong time can be highly irritating for some people and undermine their confidence in the dealership, so it is important to get it right,” explains Seamus.


One of Qube’s systems uses high-level data automation to cleanse the data stored in CRM systems and identify for vehicle manufacturers and their dealers, exactly which information needs correcting.

“Our system extracts data directly from the DVLA database which includes MOT dates and compares the information stored within dealers’ own databases. The system is then updated automatically, allowing access to a daily report which provides the status of their MOT dates and in addition – the data required to upload in bulk back into their system,” continues Seamus.


“Customer and vehicle retention are the lifeblood of automotive retail so it is important to ensure that the information dealers work with is accurate. We have found that even dealers who have strong database processes in place are surprised at how many inaccuracies creep in.”


Qube provides a suite of data reporting and business consultancy services to vehicle manufacturers and their dealer networks which can be customised to any requirement, depending on business priorities.

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