Performance Manager

The Qube Performance Manager system has been developed in close liaison with vehicle manufacturers. This automotive reporting system supports sales teams with easily accessible, up to date data, comparing sales of accessories and parts to dealers across the manufacturer’s dealer network. This data supports revenue growth allowing best practice to be shared and tracking KPI’s.

Daily extracts of parts and accessory sales are taken automatically from the vehicle manufacturer’s accounts system. New vehicle sales warranty and car parc data are also imported directly into the system from the manufacturer.

This flexible automotive consultancy system can be designed around an individual dealer network structure, reporting at national, regional, zone, dealer group and individual dealer level. Reports are designed to meet the client’s own business planning needs incorporating bespoke Key Performance Indicators unique to the company.


Quarterly sales of parts to dealers increased by an average of 17.5% in one year.
Sales of extended maintenance products increased by 30%.
Average parts sales by units in operation increased by 32%.

What our clients say

“The currently offered system by QUBE stands out in terms of user-friendliness, stability and significance”.

Nissan Central Europe

“The team at Qube Automotive Consultancy have always been very responsive to our requests for new features and capabilities and have developed PPM into a tool which serves the unique needs of Nissan Central Europe as it operates in multiple countries. Also, their detailed understanding of how the automotive industry works and knowledge of current market trends is invaluable”.

Markus Salz, Section Manager for Projects and Strategy,
Nissan Central Europe

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