qube supports porchlight

Qube have partnered with Porchlight, a local UK charity doing a vital job of supporting the homeless during the coronavirus crisis. Porchlight aim to provide homeless people with permanent accommodation before the Government support ends. Qube have funded Welfare packs, which give homeless people the essential items they need.

Homelessness is a challenge regardless of the pandemic, but the current situation has highlighted once again the need for a solution for these vulnerable people.

Porchlight has a 45-year reputation as Kent county’s leading homelessness charity. Their mission is to simply be there for people who have nowhere to go and no-one to turn to. These are difficult times for all of us, but the people that Porchlight support are among those hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis.

During the past few months, Porchlight have joined forces with Qube, local Kent councils, other businesses and community groups, to help 130 people find emergency accommodation who were previously sleeping rough. The charity has also seen a 27% increase in calls to their helpline from people who can’t pay their rent, struggling families who can’t access food, and vulnerable people alone in their homes – unable to cope with their mental health due to isolation.

With Qube’s support, the efforts of Porchlight’s frontline teams will continue working around the clock, giving life-saving advice over the phone, or providing one to one support – so each vulnerable person can find somewhere safe to live and have the help they need to rebuild their lives. Finding a temporary roof over someone’s head is just the start. The aim is to make sure no one is forced to return to the streets when this crisis is over. By supporting Porchlight, Qube are doing what they can to be there for the homeless and vulnerable people in our local communities, and help to navigate the changing landscape so they have support for the uncertain months and years ahead.

“In these unsettling times we are very grateful to receive support from Qube Data. With help from generous individuals, community groups and companies, we can continue to be a lifeline for the people who need it most in our local communities.” Kate Boulding, Corporate Partnerships Manager

Visit Porchlight to discover more about their charity work.